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You can check the status of your refund check on the Ohio Department of Taxation’s website or call 800-282-1780 and you can speak with someone at the Department of Taxation.

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Where is my tax refund check?
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Budget Game

Living on a Twenty Square Salary.

Budget Game: Living on a Twenty Square Salary is an interactive presentation on budgeting provided by the Ohio Treasurer’s office.

Using a 20 square income, players make choices between various options within spending categories that mimic budgeting in adulthood. There are required spending categories, such as Housing & Utilities, Food, and Clothing, and optional spending categories, such as Communications, Entertainment, and Personal Care.

The exercise also offers budgeting tips, national spending category averages, and discussion ideas.

Connections to Ohio Model Curriculum
  • Grade Three: Content Statement (Economics) #16, #19, #20
  • Grade Four: Content Statement (Economics) #22, #24
  • Grade Five: Content Statement (Economics) #13, #14
  • Grade Six: Content Statement (Economics) #16
  • Grade Seven: Content Statement (Economics) #19
  • Grade Eight: Content Statement (Economics) #22
  • High School – Financial Literacy: Content Statements #1, #2, #6, #7

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