Juvenile Correctional Building Fund

Summary of the Juvenile Correctional Building Fund Program
Chapter 154 of the Ohio Revised Code authorizes the issuance of Juvenile Correctional Building Fund bonds.  Bonds are issued to offset the capital facility costs incurred from maintaining and building juvenile correctional facilities.  Issuing authority transferred from the Ohio Building Authority to the Ohio Treasurer in January 2012. The bonds were previously issued by the Ohio Building Authority under Chapter 152 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Ohio Constitution, Article VIII, Section 2I; Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 154

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Links to Past Juvenile Correctional Facilities Program Issues
Series 1999A ($50,000,000)
Series 1999B ($70,790,000)
Series 2001A ($39,000,000)
Series 2003A ($30,000,000)
Series 2005A ($15,000,000)
Series 2005B ($27,445,000)
Series 2007A ($20,000,000)
Series 2007B ($16,410,000)
Series 2009A ($37,825,000)
Series 2009B ($16,820,000)
Series 2010D ($15,005,000)
Series 2011A ($15,000,000)
Series 2011B ($9,215,000)
Series 2013A ($15,000,000)
Series 2015A ($11,180,000)
Series 2015B ($20,000,000)

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