Buckeye Savers

The Treasurer of State enables Ohioans a unique opportunity to invest in Ohio’s future through the Buckeye Savers Bond Program, which helps fund the nation’s fifth most traveled roadway system. Bond proceeds from the Buckeye Savers Program pay for construction, reconstruction, or other improvements of highways, including those on the state highway system and urban extensions, those within or leading to public parks or recreation areas and those within or leading to municipal corporations.  The program also contributes to the state’s larger transportation budget.
During a Buckeye Savers bond issuance, the Treasurer of State engages in a proactive investor awareness effort to provide Ohioans with information on buying Buckeye Saver bonds.  In addition, Ohio retail investors receive first priority to purchase the highest rated, triple tax-exempt obligations of the state; there are extended order periods and a large selling group on each bond issuance.

Although secured by the state’s general obligation pledge, highway capital improvement debt is also secured by highway user receipts (including the motor vehicle fuel tax), which are constitutionally designated for highways.

Upcoming bond sales
For information on upcoming Buckeye Saver (
Highway Capital Improvement) bond sales please visit the State Bond Sale Schedule.

Link to the State Bond Sale Schedule

For additional information on the Buckeye Savers Bond Program, please contact the Office of Debt Management at (614) 752-8460.

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