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Treasurer Josh Mandel Announces Launch of the City of Solon Checkbook on
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Cleveland Plain Dealer: Ohio police and fire pension fund will add expenditures to online database

Cleveland Plain Dealer
By Jackie Borchardt
October 01, 2015 

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund will put its administrative expenditures on the state's online checkbook, fund officials said Thursday.

Director John Gallagher said expenditures will be available online after it launches a new accounting system early next year.

"Our website contains a vast amount of information already but this affords taxpayers one-stop shopping where they can go to one site and get transaction level detail," Gallagher said in a telephone call with reporters. "There's no reason why our members, as taxpayers, shouldn't be able to see what vendors we use, what services we use, what consultants we use, what we're paying for our paper clips and pencils."

In December 2014, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel unveiled, an online database of expenditures from state officials and agencies dating back to fiscal 2008. Last week, the first wave of local government expenditures from 114 entities were added to the online checkbook.

Mandel said Thursday the state's other pension funds should follow police and fire's lead.

"It's a matter of public record and taxpayers have a right to see it," Mandel said.


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