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Veterans' Preference

What is the Veterans' Preference?

Veterans are eligible for special consideration during the Linked Deposit review. The job ratio criteria will be relaxed for Veterans, and in periods of high demand for the link deposit program, applications from Veterans will receive preference. If you have served on active military duty for reasons other than training in the Armed Forces and have been discharged or released from the military under other than dishonorable conditions, or are the spouse or surviving spouse of a service member who meets these requirements, then you are eligible for the Veterans' Preference.

How do I get the Veterans' Preference?

The applicant for the Linked Deposits must check the appropriate box on the Linked Deposit application at the time of filing in order to be given the preference.  Proof of military service will need to be submitted to the Treasury along with the Linked Deposit application.

Acceptable identification of Veteran:

1. A Form DD214 (Member 4) indicating the branch of service, character of discharge and enlistment dates;

2. A Service Information Letter or comparable documentation which verifies your military service dates and discharge status from an Ohio Veterans Service Commission.
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