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Agency Collateral

When a private entity engages in certain activities within the State of Ohio, Ohio law requires that securities be pledged to the Ohio Treasury for the benefit of the agency that regulates such activities.  These securities are held in trust and indemnify the relevant agency in the event that a pledger defaults on an obligation arising from the performance of the specific activity.

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Collateral Pledge and Release Procedures
View procedures for submitting the forms for pledging or releasing securities for state agencies

Agency Collateral Pledge Form
State agencies should complete this form when requesting to pledge securities for safekeeping.

Agency Collateral Request for Release Form
State agencies should complete this form when requesting to release securities pledged as collateral.

When a private entity engages in specific activities with the State of Ohio, Ohio law requires that securities be pledged with the Ohio Treasury for the benefit of that agency to secure that obligation.

The Ohio Treasury is custodian for these pledged monies, accounts, and securities. Details pertaining to procedures for each agency’s trust account(s) are found below.

As custodian, the Ohio Treasury maintains the collateral in accounts established for each agency and company, or in rare instances (such as may be the case with bearer instruments) secures the collateral on the premises if necessary. The Treasury earmarks all interest earnings to the owner of the collateral.

The Treasury releases collateral only with written instructions from the agency to which it is pledged. Owners must contact the agency with a request for release. Prior to collateral reaching maturity the state treasurer’s office will notify the agency of the maturity date.

The Treasury distributes quarterly inventory and periodic transaction reports to the agency.

To determine collateral sufficiency for obligations that must be secured by private entities, the entity must contact the individual agency directly.

Abandoned Service Stations: ORC 3791.11
Bureau of Motor Vehicles: ORC 4509.62
Bureau of Workers Compensation: ORC 4141.241
Department of Agriculture: ORC 902.04
Department of Commerce:
Financial Institutions: ORC 135.18
Trustee Banks:ORC 1111.04
Building & Loan Association:ORC 1155.15
Department of Insurance: ORC 3901.53
Department of Jobs & Family Services: ORC 4141.24
Department of Taxation: Motor Fuel Tax: ORC 5735.03
Department of Natural Resources
Mineral Resources: ORC 1509.07
Water: ORC 1521.061
Forestry: ORC 1503.05
Coal Mining: ORC 1501.13
Other Surface Mining: ORC 1514.04
State Parks: ORC 1501.10
Department of Developmental Disabilities
State Board of Career Colleges and Schools: ORC 3332.08

You can look up the relevant Ohio Revised Code (ORC) at Lawriter
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