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State Board of Deposit

The State Board of Deposit (BOD) is comprised of the Ohio Treasurer, Auditor of State, Attorney General, and Cashier of the State Treasurer.  The board designates the depositories of public money.

Purpose of the Board of Deposit

The role of the State Board of Deposit (BOD) is to designate the depositories of the public moneys of the state and implement the Uniform Depository Act as it applies to the state.

Agency Goals
  • Determine eligibility and designate financial institutions and banks to function as public depositories.
  • Regulate the deposits of state money into these institutions.

Board of Deposit Members

Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague, Chairman
Auditor of State Keith Faber
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost

Click here to the Board of Deposit Meeting Minutes

 board of deposit meeting minutes  monthly portfolio review

Ohio Administrative and Revised Code References

135.01 Definitions.

135.02 State Board of Deposit.

135.03 Financial Institutions eligible for deposits; limit.

135.04 Eligibility for certain deposits; warrant clearance accounts; minority banks.

135.06 Application of inactive deposits.

135.07 Award of inactive deposits; preference based on interest rate.

135.08 Application of interim deposits.

135.09 Award of interim deposits.

135.12 Biennial designation of depositories; additional subdivision depositories.
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