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Where do I start as a Homeowner?

Once a project is decided, please start working with a participating bank to start the loan process and negotiate your interest rate. 

What if my bank is not listed as an Ohio Depository Bank?

If your financial institution is not listed on the Ohio Depository List, you can ask them if they would like to become an Ohio Depository Bank, and participate with you in the program. If the bank is unable to participate in the program, we can assist you in finding participating banks in your area.

Next, complete a user-friendly ECO-Link application with your lender and submit it electronically to the Ohio Treasurer’s office. The application will then begin the review process. 

Where do I find the Application?

You can find the online application on the main ECO-Link web page. Once you have filled out the information and attached supporting documents, you will submit the application, read the certification statement, and electronically sign the application. You will receive an email notification that the application was received.

Can I start the application without my lender?

Yes, you can start the application without the help of your lender, but you must be working with someone at a participating bank in order to complete the application section for Loan Officer. You will need their name and contact information in order for the application system to alert that lender that you have submitted the application. Inaccurate information could cause delays in the application approval process.

If I am doing an energy efficiency improvement project, do I have to get an energy audit from a home rater to participate in the ECO-Link program?
No, it is not mandatory to obtain an energy audit to participate in ECO-Link. Some homeowners choose to have an energy audit to gain a clearer understanding of the energy efficiency projects that will be of the most benefit.
What are the steps from beginning an application to receiving the interest rate reduction?

  1. Talk with a banker to determine your eligibility to qualify for a loan.
  2. Receive a quote(s) from contractors, or obtain receipts/invoices for the planned or executed project(s).
  3. To complete the ECO-Link application, attach the project quotes/receipts/invoices electronically to the application (if you are unable to access the internet, please work with your lender to fill out your application, and upload the supporting project documentation). 
  4. The Treasurer’s office will work with the financial institution to review your application for approval. Once the ECO-Link application is approved, your financial institution will then work with you to close the loan.
  5. The bank will disburse their loan funds to you directly, or hold the funds until the contractor is able to be paid. The Treasurer’s office will work with the bank separately to fund the linked deposit.

Who can complete the home improvement projects?

Contractors, service providers or homeowners. Homeowners may purchase the products and complete the projects themselves with proper documentation. If this is the case, the State Treasurer’s office requires copies of all receipts pertaining to the approved project. When applying to the ECO-Link program, all documentation will need to be submitted electronically as attachments to the application.

Who can I contact if I have more questions? 

Contact the Ohio Treasurer’s office, Department of Economic Development via e-mail at ecolink@tos.ohio.gov or call (614) 466-6546.

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