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On days the Bond Market closes early (see Holiday Schedule below) the deadline to request transactions in STAR OHIO will be 1:00 PM
What is STAR Ohio?
The State Treasury Asset Reserve of Ohio (STAR Ohio) is an investment fund that allows government subdivisions—from municipalities to school districts—to invest funds in a highly rated public investment pool. Since 1995, it has maintained Standard & Poor’s highest rating and given government subdivisions greater returns on their invested funds.

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The Ohio Treasury acts as an adviser and administrator of STAR Ohio. The investment objectives of STAR Ohio are the preservation of capital, the maintenance of liquidity, and providing current income. The STAR Program provides Ohio governmental subdivisions the ability to invest in high-grade, short-term securities and offers shareholders safety, penalty free liquidity and comparatively higher yields.

How it helps
STAR Ohio’s AAAm rating by Standard & Poor’s proves that investments are safe and secure in the fund. What’s more, the fund generally offers higher yields than conventional investment vehicles because of the increased earning power of a sizable pool.

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Forms and Fact Sheets:

Annual Reports: 

Contact STAR Ohio
To learn more about STAR Ohio or communicate with a client service representative call 1-800-648-STAR (7827) or email info@STAROhio.com.

STAR Plus website

The Treasurer’s office also supports the STAR Plus program as an additional deposit option for cash reserves.  STAR Plus offers security, competitive yield and next day liquidity. STAR Plus enables Ohio’s political subdivisions to generate a competitive yield on cash deposits in a network of carefully-selected FDIC-insured banks via a single, convenient account.  A growing number of Ohio local governments are benefiting from the STAR Plus program.  To learn more about STAR Plus visit the website at www.STAROhioPlus.com, call 1-855-648-PLUS (7587) or email clientservices@starohioplus.com.  
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