City of Huron Joins

Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague today announced that the City of Huron (Erie County) has joined
“By joining, the City of Huron is giving taxpayers the ability to see exactly how their hard earned dollars are being spent,” said Treasurer Sprague. “This new level of transparency will provide Huron residents with greater insight into the decisions being made in their community.”
Huron is the second city in Erie County to join The city’s online checkbook includes more than 24,000 individual transactions that represent nearly $22 million in spending from January through December 2018.
“The City of Huron is excited to participate in the Ohio Checkbook program in an effort to improve fiscal transparency and accountability,” said Huron Finance Director Cory Swaisgood. “We thank the Treasurer’s Office for their support and timeliness throughout the process. The Ohio Checkbook will provide financial openness for the city and make financial information more accessible to the public.”
Since its launch, has garnered the interest of those hoping to learn more about how Ohio’s tax dollars are spent.
You can learn more about Huron by visiting their page on the Ohio Checkbook. To access another local government website, visit the Local Government option on