Ohio State University Extension and Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague Commemorate Ohio Saves Week 2023

The annual campaign focuses on increasing individuals’ financial confidence and helping them get a clear view of their finances to set new personal goals.

COLUMBUS – Ohio State University Extension and the Office of Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague are proud participants in Ohio Saves Week, an annual statewide campaign and recognition of the larger America Saves Week that encourages individuals and families to place a renewed focus on their finances in order to achieve financial stability and success. Establishing an automatic savings plan, reducing debt, and preparing for retirement and unexpected expenses are all helpful steps individuals can take toward achieving greater financial stability. 

Ohio Saves Week offers Ohioans the opportunity to engage with OSU Extension on a variety of topics including, “Saving for Major Milestones,” “Saving at Any Age,” and how to “Save Automatically.”

“No matter a person’s age, effective financial literacy education can serve as a lasting building block toward achieving long-term financial security and success,” said Treasurer Sprague. “Ohio Saves Week is a great opportunity for people to learn new skills and strategies that can help make saving and investing a priority in one’s life. We’re proud to continue our partnership with OSU Extension to expand the use of their helpful tools and empower more Ohio families.”

Throughout Ohio Saves Week, which runs from February 27 through March 3, OSU Extension will share information and helpful tools on social media to encourage Ohioans to set and carry out a savings goal. Daily webinars on financial topics will provide participants with the opportunity to learn evidence-based skills in order to improve their economic situations. 

OSU Extension, which is the outreach arm of The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), offers financial literacy instruction and coaching in Ohio’s counties. 

“Saving can be difficult right now with higher-than-normal prices for food, utilities, and other household necessities," said Cathann A. Kress, Ohio State’s vice president for agricultural administration and CFAES dean. “OSU Extension is committed to helping Ohioans navigate these challenges to achieve greater financial resiliency and prosperity in their communities.”

Dean Kress expressed her commitment to continuing OSU Extension’s partnership with Treasurer Sprague to broaden its positive impact throughout Ohio with other trusted partners.

Homeownership continues to be a top savings goal identified by Ohioans taking the Ohio Saves pledge. OSU Extension offers financial education on a variety of topics year-round, including housing and homebuyer education. In 2022, OSU Extension added two new housing education programs - one for renters and one for homebuyers.  

Treasurer Sprague and CFAES continue to work together to advance and expand the use of the Real Money. Real World. financial literacy program across Ohio. The experiential learning curriculum, developed by OSU Extension, is designed for youth ages 12-18 and provides participating students the opportunity to make lifestyle and budget choices similar to those they will make as adults.

Since the partnership was announced two years ago, Treasurer’s office staff have worked closely with OSU Extension educators to facilitate in-school simulations for students across Ohio.

Ohioans can learn more about the Ohio Saves campaign and sign the pledge to commit to a savings goal today.


Since 2007, America Saves Week, coordinated by America Saves and its partners, has been an annual celebration as well as a call to action for everyday Americans to commit to saving successfully. Through the support of thousands of participating organizations, together we encourage our local communities to do a financial check-in to get a clear view of your money story and saving behaviors.