Treasurer Sprague Announces November 2022 Compass Award Honorees

COLUMBUS – Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague has announced Compass Award honorees for the month of November. The monthly recognition program commends organizations, programs, and individuals across the state who are working to guide Ohioans toward financial literacy and empowerment.

“Financial education must be an ongoing endeavor throughout one’s life and continuing to learn about financial wellness can set a person up for long-term success,” said Sprague. “Our November Compass Award honorees showcase the broad range of organizations in our state who are helping Ohioans to reach their fullest potential.”

Compass Award honorees for November include:

Empowering and Strengthening Ohio’s People (ESOP) (Cuyahoga County)

In partnership with organizations across Greater Cleveland, Empowering and Strengthening Ohio’s People (ESOP), a program of the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging, provides more than 15 adult-focused education and empowerment programs to improve financial capability. Programs cover a range of topics, such as personal finance and wellness, housing stability, and homeownership. Education is provided through group workshops and one-on-one counseling, which is tied to various services and support tools that promote planning and saving.

Atomic Credit Union (Multiple Counties in Southern Ohio)

In 2011, Atomic Credit Union began opening student-run credit unions. The credit union has developed partnerships with 27 school districts and operates 58 branches across Jackson, Hocking, Athens, Ross, Pike, Scioto, and Fayette counties. The program includes the establishment of full-service, student-managed Atomic Credit Union branches inside of schools, which provides experiential learning opportunities for participating students. Through this instruction, students develop professional job skills and learn about the importance of making positive money choices.

This school year, the student- run credit unions are on track to process over 16,000 transactions totaling more than $150,000 in savings. In addition, the credit union will be operating more Mad Money Reality Fairs, which provide students with interactive spending simulations and additional classroom presentations.