Treasurer Sprague Announces September Compass Award Honorees

COLUMBUS – Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague has announced Compass Award honorees for the month of September. The monthly recognition program commends organizations, programs, and individuals across the state who are working to guide Ohioans toward financial literacy and empowerment.

“Innovative and effective financial literacy education plays a critical role in preparing our young people for success later in life,” said Treasurer Sprague. “The Compass Award program recognizes the people and organizations across Ohio who are working tirelessly to ensure the next generation of Ohioans are headed toward a bright financial future.”

Compass Award honorees for September include:

$martPath (Hamilton County)
Developed and launched through the University of Cincinnati’s Economics Center, $martPath is a digital computer program that allows educators to deliver engaging and fun lessons that teach personal financial responsibility. Topics include saving, managing spending, and prioritizing needs and wants. The content is aligned with current state content standards and provides data reports for educators to track the progress and success of their students.

The University of Akron (Summit County)
Through a multi-faceted approach, the University of Akron ensures that students have a wide range of guidance and support on financial topics facing young adults. Among their efforts, the university offers financial literacy workshops, a digital education platform, guidance on financing and managing student loans, and career services to help students make informed choices. Additionally, the university has partnered with Stark State College to provide similar services to its students and help them transition to completing a bachelor-level degree. Through a wide variety of education and support opportunities, the university works to ensure students have adequate support at different phases of their education.

The University of Akron Adult Focus Office (Summit County)
The University of Akron’s Adult Focus Office supports the needs of adult students as they complete their four-year degree. Central to this work is assisting students in navigating financing for their education and managing student loans. The Adult Focus Office also works to identify and reconnect with former students who are close to completion of their coursework, offering counseling and incentives to assist them with completing their degree. Additionally, students are provided with career assistance and job search support. Through outreach and partnerships, the Adult Focus Office ensures its students have the support and knowledge needed to begin a long-term career while fulfilling the other obligations in their lives.


Robert Sprague became Ohio’s 49th Treasurer of State on January 14, 2019, bringing to the office his extensive experience working on financial matters in both the public and private sectors. Under Treasurer Sprague’s direction, the office manages the state’s $29 billion investment and $11 billion debt portfolios, collects and deposits all state revenues, and oversees custodial assets.