Government Partners

Sound financial policies are the foundation of effective government, and Ohio's economic health depends on the fiscal strength of our local governments.

The Ohio Treasurer's office provides a range of services to assist local governments across the Buckeye State.

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Center for Public Investment Management

Ohio law requires local government fiscal officers to receive continuing education related to investing and managing public finances. CPIM offers conferences and online courses to help officials satisfy those requirements and stay on top of the latest trends in public finance.

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Ohio Checkbook

In collaboration with the Office of Budget and Management, the Ohio Checkbook puts government transparency at taxpayers’ fingertips through an interactive online platform. The Ohio Checkbook provides users a window into government spending at both the state and local levels.

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Ohio Market Access Program

The Ohio Market Access Program (OMAP) is a credit enhancement program that leverages the state’s excess liquidity and high short-term credit rating to help improve market access and lower borrowing rates for local governments.

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The State Treasury Asset Reserve of Ohio (STAR Ohio) is an investment fund that allows government subdivisions—from municipalities to school districts—to invest in high-grade, short-term securities, while offering safety, penalty-free liquidity and comparatively higher yields.


Administered by the Treasurer's office, STAR SMA (State Treasury Asset Reserve Separately Managed Accounts) is an investment option available to eligible government subdivisions in addition to the STAR Ohio program.

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The ResultsOHIO fund supports pay for success initiatives driven by state and local policymakers to tackle Ohio’s most pressing public policy issues. This funding mechanism allows Ohio to answer public sector problems with private sector solutions. Private entities will bear all upfront costs of services provided the duration of a particular project. ResultsOHIO protects taxpayer dollars by ensuring Ohio’s resources are spent on positive outcomes, rather than failing programs. Public dollars will only be used if a project has proven to deliver real results.