ResultsOHIO is an infrastructure within the Treasurer’s office that enables policymakers and innovators to pursue pay for success (PFS) projects aimed at tackling the most pressing social and public health challenges facing Ohio. Under a PFS funding model, upfront project costs are funded by private investors, rather than the government. Government repayment only occurs if verifiable results are achieved during a project or by its conclusion.

The ResultsOHIO program facilitates prospective PFS projects and shepherds their eventual launch and implementation.

To begin the ResultsOHIO process, a potential project is submitted to the Ohio Treasurer’s office where a thorough review will be conducted to determine the project’s feasibility and readiness for entering into a PFS contract. Project funding is not granted through the Ohio Treasurer’s office. Rather, both private (e.g. philanthropic) and public (e.g. state or local) funding must be independently secured before a project can be launched under the ResultsOHIO model.

Importantly, ResultsOHIO protects taxpayer dollars by focusing on outcomes-based ideas and ensuring public dollars are only used when a project delivers real results.