Tipp City Joins OhioCheckbook.gov

COLUMBUS – Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague announced today that Tipp City (Miami County) has joined OhioCheckbook.gov.

“The Ohio Checkbook promotes transparency and fiscal responsibility by making spending data readily available to Ohioans,” said Sprague. “We applaud Tipp City for joining the platform and making it easier for residents to stay informed and see how their tax dollars are being spent.”

Tipp City is the 9th entity in Miami County participating on OhioCheckbook.gov. The city’s checkbook includes nearly 5,000 transactions representing more than $23.26 million in spending from January 2023 to September 2023.

“The Ohio Treasurer's office has created a great tool for citizens to see how their tax dollars are put to use for the needs of our city. Sponsoring the use of Ohio Checkbook was a priority for me as a council member, and Tipp City joining the program demonstrates the city’s commitment to transparency and accountability,” said Tipp City Council President Kathryn Huffman. “I am excited to see Council and staff take this opportunity at no cost to the city. We hope our citizens take the time to visit OhioCheckbook.gov regularly to learn more about the work in our community.” 

OhioCheckbook.gov was launched in June 2020. The transparency website combined OhioCheckbook.com (previously administered by the Treasurer’s office) and Ohio’s Interactive Budget (previously operated by the Office of Budget and Management) to create a single, one-stop resource for taxpayers to learn more about spending at the state and local government levels.

By streamlining website administration, eliminating duplication, and reducing overall operating costs, OhioCheckbook.gov will keep government transparency at taxpayers’ fingertips for years to come.

You can learn more about Tipp City by visiting their page on the Ohio Checkbook. To access another local government website, visit the Local Government & Schools page on OhioCheckbook.gov.