Family Forward

Today in Ohio, prospective parents navigating the adoption process face costs ranging from $10,000 to over $50,000. These skyrocketing costs come at a time when the rate of children entering foster care sits at an historic high.

Family Forward helps to ease the financial burden placed on families seeking to adopt. Through the program, individuals and families may be eligible for reduced interest loans that can be used for qualified adoption expenses up to $50,000 for five years. 

Qualified Adoption Expenses include (but are not limited to):

  • Adoption agency expenses
  • Court expenses and legal fees
  • Expenses incurred on behalf of the birth mother
  • Health and psychological examination fees
  • Home studies
  • Travel expenses


  • Must be an Ohio resident
  • Provide an approved home study letter or show proof that requirements set forth by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services have been met
  • Receive approval for a qualifying loan from a participating financial institution


  • Prospective parents work with a lending institution to apply for a loan through Family Forward.
  • If all eligibility criteria are met, the application is approved and notifications are sent to the applicant and the financial institution.
  • Upon request from the financial institution, the Ohio Treasurer’s office will purchase an investment at a below-market rate.
  • The financial institution uses the interest generated from the investment to offset the interest rate reduction to pass savings onto the borrower.